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Friend and Companion Pet Grooming and Teaching Academy - Night Classes back by popular demand!!  Not only do we have night classes for dog grooming, we also have a number of different mini seminar's available to you from house training a new puppy to grooming your own. We also have one on one sessions available.  If you have an issue, we have help at our Academy of Grooming. Friend and Companion has been serving the Northwest area since 1987. We have 3 instructors on staff that our not only Pet Groomong Instructors, but certified in the vet tech profession as well.  If you love animals and you are looking for a new career that is rewarding and heart warming, then we have the classes for you. Come have some fun with us today!!   Call 713-896-8539.
Enroll today for Dog Grooming Classes - 2016 dog grooming classes 6-10

Please note working with animals is a very rewarding and fulfilling career - but you must be a patient and loving person. No hot heads need to sign up!! You can be ask to leave a class for getting out of control with the baby you brought or even your own pet. We have a" NO TOLERANCE" level for any kind of volatile behavior!,
Bathing Class - This Class is a very sought after class by employers. A great bather is one key to the finished product of the well groomed fur baby. This course teaches proper bathing techniques, fluff drying, brushing and dematting, nail clipping, dremeling, ear plucking,ear cleaning and anal expression. This class is a great way to up your revenue for a vet, doggies daycare, boarding facility or dog walking service. Bathing seminars are 159.00 and last for 6 hours. These classes are taught on a one on one basis This class also teaches the student polite and correct ways to handle clients phone calls and take care of emergency situations to help the groomers. Also proper cleaning techniques of tub area and floors, kennels, and how to properly release pets back to owners. ( it;s not letting them fly through the air.) or dragging them out by their leashes. A well trained bather can be such an attribute to any pet oriented business. This class is also a great way to get your foot in the door of a grooming salon with some education behind you.

All Classes must be attended 80% in order to graduate. Paying the fee does not mean you graduated. Participating and learning determines Graduation Certificate. Also, you will not be working on our clients dogs. In all classes you must provide your dogs for the class. All dogs brought to class must be on flea preventative and current on all shots.
  This is quite simple to do for you. Everyone wants a free grooming! Our students never seem to have a problem finding dogs. You also can volunteer to groom for a rescue. They will love you. During the grooming mini seminars most people bring their own baby.

Spanish and English classes consist of the basics of grooming! You will learn how to use all equipment. Leaning the complete grooming process from bathing to finishing. Clipper skills and scissor skills. Once you learn these skills, you then are ready to work on speed and your own free style type of grooming. This class is a wonderful, fun and complete information package.
We provide all equipment during class and can help you to chose the correct equipment needed upon graduation. Many of our students graduated to operate mobile grooming vans or storefront, work from home or other grooming facilities. This is a  8 week 32 hour course. The cost of the classes start  at 800.00 for the basic course - This is a 8 week - one night per week -for 4 hours per week class. This class provides all basic information needed to begin your career.

Then we have our Take it to limit course - This course is taught in a live shop during regular business hours. You learn the real experience of working in a pet grooming salon. With all the hustle and bustle, plus one on one instructions. Beginning to end. This course is recommended for those that wish to open a business and prefer some more coaching in all areas. This is a 230 hour course and starts at 4,800. This class offers all elements of owning and operating the business from labor to paper.  You learn how to  generate your clientelle base and deal with everyday issues of running your business.You get live on hands experience + class room time. This is a great class if you know for sure you have made your mind up  to follow your heart and work with animals. Relaxed and happy environment to work in.
One on one sessions start at 50.00 per hour - In this situation you would be the only student and  this is for the person that needs one on one and doesn't work well in a group classes.

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